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Wikilook, The Free Cat

What is Wikilook

Wikilook is free multilingual social network/wiki/blog/catalogue/etc... with infinite customization options for everybody willing to join. We are an evolving system which depends on its users. Wikilook offers simplicity and complexity at the same time. Our mission is to provide a tool for any kind of interactions with as less limitations as possible.

You own Wikilook

Wikilook is your space for publishing your data. You can choose your license under which you publish and you are responsible for your contents. Unlike other services, Wikilook doesn't force you to give us copyright. If you want to share data with others, choose appropriate license. Don't forget to follow our guidelines, which protects you as well as other users.

Furthermore, Wikilook as a system is supposed to be independent and owned by its users. Profit generated by Wikilook should be shared with its users as well (according to activity and participation). Please help us propose a fair system for sharing Wikilook profits with its users.

How to join

Anybody can register. Choose a nickname or use your own name for registration. It's up to you. We respect your privacy.


Similar to other wikis, Wikilook allows viewing content and some participation without registration. For full experience and access to closed communities we recommend to register as a user and join a group.

Publish or develop

Based on Open Source software (MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki & extensions, scripts etc.), Wikilook evolves with its users. Write an article, use an application to help you create complex texts or become a wikitext/core developer.

Migrate to Wikilook

Migrate your application or data to Wikilook. You can use your own skins, styles, scripts and take advantage of community of users improving your system. Wikilook may last forever, your application outside the system only until you keep updating it.

Support Wikilook

If you think Wikilook is worthy to support, please donate. Your continuous donations can help this service to grow into something amazing.